Theatre in Japan. Theatre Yearbook 2017

Theatre in Japan. Theatre Yearbook 2017

The Japanese Centre publishes the Theatre Yearbook since 1972. Starting from 1997, it has been published in two parts, namely “Theatre in Japan” (English version) for readers outside Japan and “Theatre Abroad” (Japanese version) for domestic readers. From 2011, the Centre has been co...
Art of Bangladesh

Art of Bangladesh

Art of Bangladesh: Through Hundred Theatre Posters is a documentation of the socio-economic and cultural aspects of Bangladesh. But the book, in essence selectively tries to display the idea of aesthetics that has been reflected in designing 100 posters brought out for the same number of stage plays...

Other projects


World of Theatre is a cooperative labour of love of many people working in different parts of the world. This biennial publication surveys the theatre scenes of the last two seasons around the world. An authentic review of the contemporary theatre practice, trends and traits in various continents. So far 13 editions of WOT have been published (11 by Bangladesh Cenre alone).

Social theatre

Project launch “Different Theatre” – publications on Russian and (in prospect) worldwide experience of drama therapy, adaptation, rehabilitation, social adjustment of different vulnerable social groups: people with special needs, those brought up in orphanages, the homeless, prisoners, refugees and others.

Fest book

Festival brochures contain rich information on the best performances from different countries. A new project is a collection of the significant names, events and history of modern world of the performing arts. Available for all.  Promotes ITI values.

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